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In the News

IF magazine article about FaceOff and Life After Man & my Indie feature "GUILT" you can read the article here


Here is a little behind the scenes from Life After Man

Life After Man

I'm currently DP'ing a little independent feature called Life After Man. A post apocalyptic zombie horror film directed by Gareth Carr. Its been super fun to shoot! Here is a little teaser trailer. Synopsis: As a deadly infection spreads across the globe, two young girls find themselves alone and fighting for survival on a remote Australian farm where they soon unearth the dangers of life after man.

The Veiled

Our award winning short film The Veiled was in the news. Most notably SBS world news! Produced by and staring Janet Shay and directed by Glenn Fraser we featured on a story about human trafficking! check it out below! You can also read the complete article on the SBS website. If you would like to watch the film you can check it out on the Beamafilm! website!

The Veiled: Teaser Trailer

360 Video Test Shoot

IMG_7049 IMG_7055

Fun day today! Rigging a Red Monstro Vista Vision Camera shooting 8K with a Canon 8mm EF lens in a car to get some 360 test footage. Jo is rigging a mobile phone with an inhouse app for capturing accelerometer data. The data will then be used used to drive a robot arm for a 360 simulation. This is an early development phase which will then ramp up to race cars and aircraft to create simulations for the RoboRider amusement ride. Check out